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South Pasadena High School Preparing for this year’s Academic Decathlon

Students can demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge level through academic competitions. It’s a typical way to challenge student’s learning and memorizing skill in academic subjects. South Pasadena High School will form a team to compete n the Academic Decathlon in this year under new Social Studies and English teacher Mr. Oliver Valcorza. Students will have to compete in ten events against other school’s team.

Every year students across the nation compete in this knowledge based team contest. In Academic Decathlon each team consists of nine students and divided into three sub groups. Each group is formed with three students based on their academic results.

To compete in Honors category students have to come with a 3.75-4.0 GPA, for Scholastic category 3.0-3.74 and for Varsity category 0.0-2.99. From numerous students nine will be chosen to team up through interviews, performances at county scrimmages, essays and teachers recommendation. Everyone is welcome in the research crew and after passing several tests final nine students will be chosen for the competition.

The main aim of the research crew is to find out the committed and motivated students who will work hard to achieve the goal as a team. The hard working and motivated but less talented student will get priority than a talented lazy one.

The whole school is preparing for the competition. Practice will start soon and it will be focused on the ten topics. The ten categories include art, economics, essay, interview, language and literature, math, music, science, social science, and speech.

From this competition several teams will qualify in the state championship. South Pasadena High School administration is expecting to show their talent in here and qualify in the state championship. Interested students are practicing with topics related videos and lectures.

Wolsey-Wessington FFA is 2012 “Team Up to Safety”

There’s hardly any person who hasn’t heard about the Quiz Bowl competition. In this game of answering questions students get benefited by extracurricular study and be able to update memorizing skills and expanding their skills through creative works. In almost every university or college campus organizes quiz bowl competition.

Just a few days back to promote safety and applying them in practice South Dakota Farmers Union have organized a quiz bowl competition entitled as “Team Up to Safety”. The FFA Chapter from Wolsey-Wessington High has been crowned the championship for second successive year in this competition and got the title “Team Up to Safety”.

The final was held at Mitchell during the Dakotafest Farm Show. FFA Chapter from Wolsey-Wessington and FFA team from Lyman participated in the title battle. FFA Chapter from Wolsey-Wessington won in the finals in 200-150. In 2011, Wolsey-Wessington’s FFA chapter won the finals over the FFA team from Tri-Valley High School.

Tyler Sprecher, Jabe Miedema, Ryne Johnson and Brandon Bergquist were in the FFA Chapter from Wolsey-Wessington. Lyman was in the No. 1 overall team in this competition but they lost in final. Wolsey-Wessington defeated the FFA chapter from Brookings in the semifinal round at Dakotafest by a score of 170-150.

Four person teams from different FFA chapters across the state competed in this answering questions competition. Mitch Fargen, South Dakota Farmers Union Rural Development Director said “We’re so proud of all four of the teams that competed in the finals,” He also mentioned, “We hope these young people learned a few things that will help them stay safe on the farm or ranch. Farmers Union is focused on educating our young people, and this quiz bowl fits right into our mission as an organization.”