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Maize page is a resource portal and information center for the College Quiz Bowl. Any relevant information regarding the quiz can be found on the page associated with maize. The sub menus of this page will give the information and guide seek by the quiz participants.

You can find detail about the tournament guide in this page. For any participants it is highly suggested that you go through this page and be aware of all the steps and procedure involved in the tournament. Also, certain other information with may help you in your preparation for the tournament are also available in this page. If you had been familiar with this tournament, then please go through this page still to make sure your resources are updated to the most relevant information.

Also, if your team had not register for the tournament but planning to participate in the tournament, it is suggested you contact the support from the contact us page, and listed teams for the tournament will be piblished in the directory page once it is finalised.

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