Need a Change of Policy for Academic Competitions

Students who are good in extracurricular activities might soon see the same backing up in the field of athletics. The Richmond school district is setting the example and sent a report the Board of Education with a request for funding students in the potential area where they are able to perform. The report seeks to combine the two policies regarding funding for academics and funding for athletics.

For interscholastic athletic competitions there is budget in Richmond but for provincial academic competitions there is no budget. Students who qualify this competition get nothing compared to interscholastic athletic competitions. Grace Tsang, trustee of Richmond School wrote these facts on his report to Board of Education. As a result of it, the district allow to have a common policy to favor both activities equally and create a standardize process to nourish the potential.

This idea of equality was brought to the committee???s attention by Cambie secondary???s robotic design program. Last year, three teams qualified for the World Robotics Competition in Orlando, Florida. Therefore they had to make a trip to the venue in Orlando but the district was unable to fund them with sufficient money.

The proposal of funding the academic competitions is only for a policy change, so there is no demand of a raise. For instance, current funding model for athletics covers accommodation, registration and travel costs as items eligible for reimbursement. But the new policy will only cover registration and teacher replacement costs. That means those participating in athletic competitions could see a minor decrease in funding, while those in academic contests will receive money they hadn???t seen before.

Tsang hopes this proposal will come with benefits. Extracurricular funding can help students enormously, it will meet their basic needs and they find ways follow other aspect of life.

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