Non-Profit Management Mba: Curriculum Info & Tips to Find an Accredited School

From religious organizations to universities, there are more than 1.4 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. with more than 12.5 million employees working behind the scenes to run the show. The non-profit sector expends 0 billion in annual personnel expenditure and represents 0 billion in total annual budget outlays.

This means that if you manage to obtain a position with a religious establishment, hospital, university, foundation, or other non-profit establishment, you can expect stability, salary progression, employment progression, and a diversity of jobs to choose from. Non-profit management MBA holders may work as: assistant director of fundraising, program analyst, program director, program officer, marketing/research associate, director, community outreach manager, finance director, director of information systems or director of public relations.

Top earners in this field are usually management personnel, and most hold a non-profit management MBA from an qualified college or university. Many management professionals in the non-profit sector earned an undergraduate degree in business, obtained entry-level employment in the field and continued working on an MBA while quick valuable hands-in experience.

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Non-Profit Management Mba: Curriculum Info & Tips to Find an Accredited School

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