President in a Meeting with Academic Competitions Winner

Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan has met with the winners of academic competition and the participants in the intellectual contest. Competitors from all over the regions of Akorda and the winner of the contest joined in the meeting with the president of the state. The president encouraged the participants to get involved in more and more intellectual contests and increase their knowledge. He also shared his intention on representing his future vision about the state in a book.

The president emphasizes on the youngsters in changing the future condition of the state. Young age is the perfect time to decide and choose exact carrier. He encourages the students to think about the future days and get ready to participate in the war of betterment. Today???s youngsters will lead the country in future. It is their duty to think about the betterment and improvement of the country.

Participants from various institutions shared their future plans and expressed their feelings with Nazarbayev. Not more than 20 years ago livelihood in Kazakhstan was very difficult. Unstable political and economical condition made the country one of the most unstable countries of the country.

After becoming president Nazarbayev played most important role in Kazakhstan???s independence. Because of him, the country is now stable and improving day by day. Now the citizen can think about their future and work hard to improve their condition. He put great importance in education and for developing knowledge and participation in intellectual contests he???s always ready to support.

To live a normal live you’ve to enjoy yourself with sports, music and books. The president promised to provide all types of support in such contests so the youngsters from Kazakhstan, can now have better scope of reading and participating in various contests.

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