Quiz Bowl: Origin to Today

Quiz bowl, a game of questions and answers on all topic of human knowledge. Usually two teams play this game; each team contains four or five players. There???re a moderator and a buzzer system. Moderator reads the question loud and the team first plays the buzzer get the scope to answer the question. If the answer is correct then points get add. The team scores highest wins the game. Currently it???s the most widely played games in various educational institutions. Quiz Bowl is also acquainted as Academic League, Academic Challenge, Academic Bowl, Battle of Brains etc.

In 1953, quiz bowl competition starting to get its popularity when it was issued on radio in United States. From 1959 to 1970 quiz bowl competition was issued as TV show. But, somehow spectators lots attraction in it. College Campus Bowl Company Inc. (CBCI) revived the format in 1977 and they organized numerous competitions till 2008. Today???s, most of the college level competitions are organized by Academic Competition Federation or National Academic Quiz Tournaments. Academic Competition Federation (ACF) was formed in September 1990 and National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT) in 1996.

From the very beginning, quiz bowl competition is running successfully among various institutions. In 21st August, final of ???Team Up to Safety??? will take place in Mitchell organized by South Dakota Farmers Union. Students from Lennox, Wolsey-Wessington, Brookings, and Lyman high schools will participate in this final. Each team will be in single elimination format. Final will be held in South Dakota State University tent from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm local time.

Competition winner will be awarded in cash from South Dakota Farmers Union. This competition was aimed to think the young minds about safety when they???re working on a farm or ranch. Everyone will be benefited by the safety issues asked in this competition, if they remember it in practice.

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