Quiz Bowl Team Won in the Competition at Drew Central

At this moment, basketball season is going to start and soccer programs are also emerging. So it???s very easy to forget that there are various organizations and clubs who also compete for prices and glory. One of such organization is HHS Quiz Bowl team that has fired up its season, obviously with a tremendous victory. The event took place at Drew Central Invitation on Saturday, January 26.

The team members were Ben Ford, Scott Borgognoni, Dillon Reed, Sophomore Tyler Maxwell and Junior Chris Mondragon. Drew Grubbs served as scorekeeper. Sponsors Eddie Tucker and Brenda Wayne have been expecting great results from the tournament because the team members hard work in the practices.

The tournament began at the morning with teams playing 3 round robin games to determine their seed in the elimination rounds. Hamburg was scheduled to play Warren, Drew Central and Malvern for their morning games. Hamburg started with a great victory over Malvern with a core of 410 ??? 160. Next game with Warren was more competitive and Hamburg earned a victory with a score of 295 ??? 160. Third game was very tough with the host Drew Central, and this time, the host had a victory with a score 250 ??? 215.

After the intermission, the tournament began with the elimination round. Hamburg played against Munmelle???s Academic plus and bounced back with a great victory. Next game was placed against Drew Central that defeated Hamburg in the morning. But at the afternoon, Hamburg crashed Drew Central and the victory put them in the final round of the tournament.

The final was between two old rivals: Hamburg and Bauxite. Bauxite defeated Hamburg in the same tournament in the last year. First half wasn???t easy, but Humber fought hard and had a tremendous victory after the second half with the final score 310 ??? 240.

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