Savannah Art Academy Got the ticket to Compete in Global Quiz Bowl Competition

Savannah Arts Academy Quiz Bowl team participated in the Knowledge Master Open 200 and placed 39th out of 551 schools from all over the world. Among the four Georgian quiz bowl teams participated in the competition, Art Academy placed third. Walton High and Duluth High Schools scored first and two consistently among the four teams. The top two Academies from Georgia consist of more than 2000 students.

This tournament was the entry opportunity for the global competition. Usually quiz bowl tournament is organized face to face but this particular tournament was an exception. In the Knowledge Master Tournament participants were given a CD of timed questions that had to be answered on computers.

The results given to the computer by the participants then were compiled and after examined the officials have declared the rankings of the institutions based on their performance at the competition. Savannah Art Academy team with an amazing performance scored 39th position.

Just take a look back on Savannah Art Academy. There was no quiz bowl team in this institution just four years ago. The board of directors appointed Del Scott then but there was none who took part in the quiz bowl game. But they had one thing, a will to go. There were many interested students who were willing to give it a try. The effective care of coach and hard work of the students have made the whole thing possible.

In September the Academy organized a try-out for the interested students. They students were given 50 questions. That???s the start and they never had to look back. In November they visited Bleckley High School in Cochrane, competed there and ranked second among 30 Georgian schools.

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