What do you learn about in a paramedic certification class?

I???m plotting on going to a community college for it. But do we ever shadow when we are in the class? I want to know if I may possibly handle situations I may come by in this career. Like will I ever be able to sit in an ambulance and observe.
There are many uncommon levels of EMT???s. A ???paramedic??? is an EMT, but an EMT isn???t always a paramedic. EMT- Basics have teh minimum level of training required by the U.S. D.O.T. to function as an ambulance crew member. Their schooling is probably what you are looking at, and will take approximately 140 hours to accomplish. During that time you will probably ride- by the side of with an ambulance or spend a few hours working in an urgent situation room.

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What do you learn about in a paramedic certification class?

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